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Discover Chef Keis Briscoe's journey through a collection of insightful interviews and exciting collaborations that showcase her culinary prowess and innovative approach to dining.


Food Network's Chopped

Chef Keis Briscoe dazzled audiences with her creative dishes and culinary finesse on the renowned cooking competition.​

Voyage Baltimore

Discover the culinary journey of Chef Keis Briscoe through her exclusive interview with Voyage Baltimore. In this insightful feature, Chef Keis shares her passion for creating exquisite dining experiences and the inspiration behind Chef Keis Fancy Pants Chef Gear.


Voyage Atlanta

Explore how Chef Keis Briscoe navigates the challenges and joys of creating memorable dining experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of her commitment to excellence in every dish. Discover the essence of Chef Keis Briscoe's culinary philosophy and her impact on the culinary world.

Take A Chef

Whether you're planning an intimate dinner party or a special event, Chef Keis Briscoe offers personalized menus that showcase her signature style and dedication to quality. Explore Chef Keis Briscoe's profile on Take a Chef and elevate your next dining experience with her unique culinary talents.

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CBS 42

In a heartfelt interview with CBS 42, Chef Keis Briscoe shares her inspiring journey from the challenges of West Baltimore's Bruce Court Projects to becoming a renowned private chef and entrepreneur. Overcoming adversity from a young age, Chef Keis draws on her experiences to fuel her passion for culinary arts and entrepreneurship.

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