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Celebrity Chef Keis Briscoe’s Passion for Cooking Sparks her Entrepreneurial Goals

Chef Keis Briscoe loves her job as a private chef, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and soon-to-be reality star, set to appear on Food Network’s Chopped in 2023. She has several successful business ventures, and uses her culinary skills as a vehicle to give back to her community, especially during the holiday season. 

Chef Keis has always had a passion for cooking. Born and raised in West Baltimore, she remembers cooking with her grandmother throughout her early childhood. At the age of six, she cooked her first meal on the stove by herself. During high school she pursued culinary education at a vocational school called Center of Applied Technology North, which she calls “the foundation of her culinary dreams,” and eventually graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and Le Cordon Bleu. Her childhood in West Baltimore inspired one of her future entrepreneurial ventures, a creativity-focused nonprofit for the youth of Baltimore. 

Clients like the Hart family- yes, Kevin and Eniko Hart- love Chef Keis’s sparkling personality, bold flavors, and unique presence as a chef. Her Instagram boasts meals inspired by everything surrounding her, and she is proud of not ever putting herself in a box. She calls herself an artist when it comes to food, and is influenced by flavors both American and international. With the holiday season around the corner, her Instagram is sure to be full of her signature fusion recipes that make the crowd go wild. No wonder why she has been voted one of the top 25 private chefs in Los Angeles for 2022 by Soeleish Magazine.

Her success in the culinary industry spurred another business venture she envisioned while in culinary school. Fancy Pants Chef Gear is a premier designer chef apparel line focusing on high quality, tailored clothing that empowers chefs to express themselves while in the kitchen through vibrant colors and prints. Chef Keis also is developing her own spice and sauce line, that like her personality, she wants to be bold and unique-a quality that enabled her to think fast on her feet on Chopped. Since Chef Keis thinks recipes are “guidelines, not laws” she took on the challenge of random ingredients and spun her own flavor into each recipe. Looking back at her career, Chef Keis is proud of how far she has come. Moving across the country to pursue her dreams in Los Angeles enabled her to make an amazing name for herself as a top private chef with high profile clients. Everyone who has tried Chef Keis’s meals can say that her passion shines through every bite. Her seventeen years of experience and being on the Food Network are only the beginning for what the chef has in store for the rest of her career. To keep an eye on Chef Keis, her appearance on Chopped, and her tasty new recipes follow her on Instagram.

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