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Chef Sha’keis Briscoe , better known as Chef Keis, is a Baltimore Native who fell in love with the art of culinary at the young age of 6, when she realized how food brought her family together despite their surroundings.  

 Her professional culinary career began at the age of 14 at a vocational school for high schoolers. That experience changed her life. In that program she was introduced to the culinary industry and the art of cooking, she learned techniques, cooking methods, knife skills, and much more. She then went on to study culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of America.  

Fast forward to today, Chef Keis is a well rounded chef with over 17 years under her belt in the culinary and hospitality industry.  She has continued on to study and perfect her craft all over the country and abroad in France, Italy, and Spain. She has worked with an array of high profile clientele, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, comedians,  production companies, and many more! She specializes in several cuisines from all over the world,  however she has a special connection with French, Asian, American, Italian, Gastronomic, Island, and Fusion cuisine. With flavor always being the most important component. She aims to add layers and depths of flavor to every bite creating an innovative, memorable, mind blowing, culinary experiences for her clients. 

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